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Top 5 AI Tools in 2024 for Entrepreneurs, Founders and Creatives

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Having the right tools can help you save time on tasks that keep you busy. For entrepreneurs, marketers, and creative studios aiming to enhance their workflow, productivity, and creative output, AI tools offer smart solutions to common challenges. Here are the top 5 AI tools of 2024 that we use.

Grain: Records and Summarizes meetings

Ever found yourself trying to keep up with taking notes during video meetings, only to realize you've missed important discussions? Grain will be your lifesaver for you then. This AI tool records, transcribes, and summarizes your video meetings, highlighting the key points, action items, and next steps without you needing to write down a single word.

Grain AI - Meeting keypoints summarized after finishing
Grain AI - Meeting keypoints summarized after finishing


Did you have a client brief a few days ago and you forgot some key points or important information? Instead of worrying about missing any details, let Grain handle it. Grain instantly share a detailed summary and action plan with your team, ensuring everyone's aligned and ready to dive into action.

Topaz Labs: Upscale and Improves your images

Dealing with less than perfect images from clients can be frustrating. Topaz Labs enhances, improves clarity, quality, and detail to make assets clear again. This tool uses advanced AI to ensure that your images are not blurry nor bad quality. It's perfect for photographers, marketers, and designers who demand the highest quality visuals.

Topaz Labs, compare before and after with tool to see improved and upscaled version
Topaz Labs - Compare before and after with topaz to see improved and upscaled version


Has your client sent over some low-quality images for an important campaign or for a new landing page? Instead of requesting new photos, use Topaz Labs to enhance and upscale them, ensuring your campaign's visuals are stunning and effective.

Relume: Web Design and Sitemap Generation

Tight deadlines and complex projects require a tool that simplifies the design and development process. Relume is that tool, making it effortless to transition from a rough concept to a polished final product. By automating the creation of wireframes and generating AI-written copy. It’s like having a co-pilot for your design, one that can complete those tasks in your project that takes time to do. Relume’s ability to integrate easily into your workflow makes it a must have for any team looking to improve their design and development game. For all of our projects we use Relume to give us an idea on how to structure the sitemap and wireframes, for example in one of our latest projects, Qsimov AI Start-up, we used Relume for the sitemap and wireframes and the initial copy.

Relume AI - Generate sitemaps and wireframes with a prompt
Relume AI - Generate sitemaps and wireframes with a prompt


Do you have a client onboarding and don't know how to structure the websit? Relume helps you create a comprehensive sitemap, wireframes, and even populate pages with relevant copy, all set for a quick review.

Apollo io: AI Sales Assistant

Apollo AI doesn’t just give you data; it gives you insights that improves your sales strategy from guesswork to precision targeting. With access to an expansive database (275 million contacts to be exact), it’s like having a crystal ball that reveals which leads are worth pursuing and how to approach them. With the filter feature, you can filter more than 65+ aspects including job title, location, employee headcount, revenue and so much more. Apollo AI analyzes patterns and engagement to offer strategies that are tailored to your business goals, making it easier to connect with potential clients in a meaningful way. It’s the perfect tool for sales teams looking to maximize efficiency and effectiveness, providing a roadmap to success in the competitive landscape of sales.

Apollo AI Feature of contact a prospect automation
Apollo io - Feature of contact a prospect automation


Is your team looking to break into a new market and there's no relevant strategy? Apollo AI offers insights to create outreach strategies to hit your next sales target, boosting your chances of converting leads into valuable customers.

Midjourney: Image prompting

Midjourney doesn’t just generate content; it understands the complexities of your creative vision, translating prompts into anything you need. Whether you’re exploring new styles or trying to capture a specific mood, Midjourney makes it possible with ease. It’s like having an infinite team of artists at your disposal, ready to bring your most ambitious ideas to life. Perfect for content creators, marketers, and anyone in need of visual inspiration, Midjourney pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in digital art creation. Wondering how we implement AI generated assets with a real working website? Explore Innovation Tax, a consulting firm specialized legal, tax and tech.

Midjourney image generation - Prompting example
Midjourney image generation - Prompting example

Art Prompting with Midjourney

Effective art prompting in Midjourney is like directing a scene in a movie. You’re the director, and Midjourney’s AI is your camera crew, set designers, and actors, all rolled into one. Here’s a comprehensive example based on the prompts:

  • Subject: "A serene, untouched forest."
  • Action: "A stream gently flowing, with deer by the water."
  • Setting: "Early morning, with the first light piercing through dense foliage."
  • Lighting: "Soft, diffuse sunlight filtering through the trees."
  • Composition: "Wide shot, with the stream leading the eye to the deer."
  • Style: "Realistic, yet imbued with a sense of fantasy."
  • Angle: "Low angle, giving a majestic feel to the forest scenery."
  • Era: "Timeless, could be centuries ago or the distant future."
  • Expression: "Peaceful, as if time itself has slowed down."
  • Orientation: "Landscape, to capture the expansiveness of the scene."

With this detailed prompt, Midjourney can generate images that not only meets your specifications but also achieve the emotions and atmosphere you’re aiming to capture.

How AI Helps Our Creative Studio

It’s clear that AI is more than just a buzzword or a futuristic concept it’s a present-day reality that's dramatically enhancing how creative studios like ours operate.

Contrary to what people say, these tools do not replace the human touch, creativity, or intuition that form the importance of our work. Instead, they improve our capabilities, enabling us to deliver more innovative, high-quality projects faster than ever before. By automating routine tasks, we're free to focus on what truly matters, pushing the boundaries of design, storytelling, and digital experiences.

AI helps us uncover insights from data that might otherwise go unnoticed, predicts trends that inform our strategies, and offers personalized solutions that meet our clients' unique needs. It's this intelligent augmentation of our creative processes that ensures our studio not only meets the current demands of the market but also anticipates future trends.

For Apogeo Studio, AI empowers our team to do more, imagine more, and be more. It’s an exciting time to be between creativity and technology, and we look forward to the endless possibilities that AI brings to our creative projects. Curious to see how we work and the finished products? Check our work and projects ranging from world class athletes to corporations.

Elevate Your Brand with Apogeo Studio

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