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Innovation Tax
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Innovation Tax


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Innovation Tax is a boutique consulting firm specializing in the implementation, development, and international expansion of businesses.

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Project Overview

Innovation Tax offers a unique service that demanded a sophisticated approach. At Apogeo, our goal was to encapsulate their expertise and transparency through a well-rounded brand identity.

Minimalist, Harmonious, Elegant
Key Words
Innovation - Corporate - Transparency
The Challenge

The finance and consulting sector is crowded with dull and conventional designs. Innovation Tax sought to stand out in this competitive arena by crafting a brand identity that surpassed industry norms. Their search for a sleek and minimalist identity wasn't just about style; it was a strategic move to convey their business's clarity and transparency.

Our challenge? Translating Innovation Tax's essence into visuals: trust, sophistication, and expertise. This makes catering to a clientele valuing clarity over flashiness much easier. Our objective? Crafting a visually appealing brand identity reflective of transparent, streamlined processes.

Brand Identity

For Innovation Tax, the creation of a brand identity was about communicating elegance, professionalism, and most importantly, transparency. To achieve this, we developed a minimalist design that favored clean lines and a restrained color palette.

We designed the logo and brand elements to be simple yet striking, reflecting the brand's commitment to clear, straightforward consulting services. Using a palette of blues and aqua tones, along with subtle gradients, dark tones, and thin-lined iconography, we've achieved a sophisticated yet approachable look. This combination makes Innovation Tax memorable and underscores their dedication to clarity and elegance.

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3D Design
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Social Design

In the world of cluttered social media, embracing a minimalist approach posed both challenges and opportunities. Our strategy for Innovation Tax was clear: creating minimalistic yet captivating visuals combined with straightforward messages.

Our mission was clear: to build a social media presence that's not just informative but also captivating and trustworthy. Each post and graphic was carefully crafted to reflect Innovation Tax's values, making sure their feed shines amid the digital noise. With clean designs and minimalist touches, we created a unique profile that sets the firm apart in a crowded space.

Web Design

For the Innovation Tax website, our aim was to create a digital hub that truly represents their brand essence. We went for a minimalist yet elegant design that's not only visually appealing but also easy to navigate. This way, visitors can effortlessly explore and find exactly what they're looking for.

We've added subtle animations and interactive features to help users navigate the site easily, keeping them engaged without feeling overwhelmed. Through the use of white space and minimalist elements, we've not only reinforced the brand's commitment to clarity and transparency but also ensured a smooth browsing experience for everyone.