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La Repera
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La Repera


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La Repera is an agency that focuses on booking professional bands across Spain. With a portfolio filled with talented musicians, they provide services for weddings and private events.

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Project Overview

Our partnership with La Repera focused on crafting a platform that captures the electrifying essence of their live performances. Designed with the same bold spirit as La Repera itself, it offers an exciting preview of what awaits when you book them for your event.

Entertainment and Events
Playful, Retro, Engaging
Key Words
Live Music - Weddings - Events
The Challenge
Brand Identity
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3D Design
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Social Design
Web Design

The web design for La Repera reflects a blend of professionalism and fun. Emphasizing a professional yet distinctly retro theme, the website serves as a portfolio of their bands, styles and personality through elements like stickers, interactive animations, and hand-written assets.

The website features striking images such as vinyl records and vintage microphones. These elements are more than just decorative: they became integral parts of the design that evoke the soulful and vibrant spirit of live music.  Beyond aesthetics, the website is designed with user experience at its core. The navigation is intuitive, allowing visitors to effortlessly browse through band portfolios.