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Juan Lebrón
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Juan Lebrón


Art Direction

Web Design

Webflow Development

Collab with The Crown Creators





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In collaboration with Juan Lebrón, Apogeo set out to capture the essence of padel in an engaging online platform, designed to be the gateway into the world of professional padel.

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Project Overview

Our aim was to create a website that not only captures Juan’s professional padel journey but also immerses fans in the sport, providing a rich, interactive experience. The website gives anyone an in-depth look into Juan's career, connecting the fans with Juan's achievements, personal insights, and the dynamic world of padel.

Vibrant, Modern, Energetic
Key Words
Padel - Dynamic - Interactive
The Challenge
Brand Identity
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3D Design
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Social Design
Web Design

Our design for Juan Lebrón's website captures the high energy and dynamic nature of padel. We focused on a vibrant color palette and a lively layout that mirrors the excitement and intensity Juan brings to the sport.

With micro-interactions that turn navigation into a playful and dynamic experience, each click feels like a strategic move in the game of padel. The hand-drawn iconography adds a sense of rapid movement and dynamism, reflecting the speed and agility we all know padel for, while the contrasting bold headlines and neutral body text ensure clarity and ease of navigation.