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Mavericks embodies California cool and tropical vibes in cannabis cultivation. Designed for the young and playful, the brand invites you to effortlessly cultivate your own paradise with carefully curated seeds.

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Project Overview

When Mavericks came to Apogeo, they were looking to bring California's laid-back culture and tropical aesthetics into their brand. Our mission? Design a dynamic identity for a young, playful audience.

Premium, Tropical, Vibrant
Key Words
Cannabis - California - Youthful
The Challenge

The main challenge with this project was grasping Mavericks' unique essence. In the ever-expanding cannabis market, standing out was key. Our task? Creating a brand that is not only visually striking but that also resonated with people, capturing the joy and freedom of cultivating your own paradise.

We aimed to combine the laid-back, carefree Californian vibe with a touch of tropical exuberance, ensuring the branding appealed to the target demographic's desire for style, quality, and a unique cultivation experience.

Brand Identity

In crafting the brand identity for Mavericks, we designed a minimalist yet expressive logo that captures the brand's lively energy. The logo, designed with rough angles and a contemporary flair, encapsulates the spirit of cannabis cultivation in a single, impactful visual.

For Mavericks, we went for the typeface “Vinila”, channeling a lively spirit inspired by music to resonate with the brand's energetic, youthful audience. Our color palette, blending vibrant greens, serene blues, and clean ivory whites, creates a visually captivating experience that mirrors the essence of a vibrant cannabis experience.

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3D Design

All this work culminated in the most important centrepiece: the packaging. We went for eye-catching visuals with vibrant colors, depicting cannabis leaves crafted through Midjourney. Starting with a base image, we generated variations in different colors and styles to reflect the various genetics and aromas of the products.

Our goal was to create packaging that not only stood out on the shelf but also resonated with consumers, evoking the laid-back Californian vibe and tropical exuberance of Mavericks.

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Social Design

To create Mavericks' social media presence, we fused elements from the brand book, catalog, packaging, and AI-generated images, leveraging the full visual universe we created for the brand.

At Apogeo, we understand the crucial role of a strong social media presence in connecting with a youthful audience. That’s why we created a feed that bursts with energy and embodies Mavericks' spirit. With copies that seamlessly intertwine with our visuals, we authentically reflected Mavericks' spirit.

Web Design

For Mavericks' website, we took a commercial approach without sacrificing the brand's aesthetic flair. Our challenge was finding the sweet spot between functionality and style, especially with the need to showcase a lot of product information.

The site stands out for its smooth navigation and engaging animations, all aimed at elevating the product to its premium status. We aimed to create a seamless browsing experience where users intuitively find what they're looking for. The brand's accent color plays a key role in guiding users, and the contrast with the dark background enhances the visual appeal.