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Hexagon Cup
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Hexagon Cup


Art Direction

Web design

Webflow development

Collab with Lightbros Creative







HexagonCup was born as a tribute to Padel under a revolutionary format, with the best players competing in international Teams for an unprecedented prize money. 6 teams, 6 players per team divided into 3 diverse pairs: 1 male, 1 female, 1 junior.

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Project Overview

Our goal with the HexagonCup website was to create a vibrant hub that not only shares information but also vibrates with the energy and newness of this groundbreaking tournament. We wanted to capture the buzz of the event, highlighting its inclusive nature that unites male, female, and junior players in a competitive yet supportive atmosphere.

Vibrant, Modern, Energetic
Key Words
Padel - Dynamic - Interactive
The Challenge
Brand Identity
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3D Design
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Social Design
Web Design

Our challenge was capturing the HexagonCup's essence and make it available for everyone. We aimed to spotlight its one-of-a-kind format and inclusive spirit, while also getting fans and players excited, and ensuring everyone grasps the details of this event in a clear and engaging way.

While developing the HexagonCup website, we splashed the site with the tournament's lively color palette – a blend of bold blues, vibrant purples, and greens; as well as micro-animations and incredible photographic content from the tournament. This choice wasn't just about branding; it's about injecting the website with the same energy and excitement buzzing around the HexagonCup.