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Vitastan is a Swiss-made company selling premium quality vitamins. It speaks to anyone wanting to implement healthy habits into their lives, and looking for high-quality vitamins to supplement their diets.

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Project Overview

When the company came to Apogeo, their main goal was to create a premium identity with a minimalist touch. The team began by researching the vitamin industry and identifying key design trends in the space. It was important to maintain a clean and elegant style, which would reflect the quality of the product.

Premium, Minimalist, Elegant
Key Words
Vitamin - Switzerland - Health
The Challenge

The vitamin industry is a saturated market, cluttered with various brands all claiming to be the ultimate solution for a modern lifestyle. Vitastan needed to cut through this noise. While they already had superior products, they were missing an identity that spoke to the quality and care invested in each vitamin bottle. The challenge, therefore, was doubled: to create a brand that became the face of premium quality vitamins, and to do so in a way that transcended industry clichés, establishing an emotional connection with people.

Our main goal was creating an identity that stayed faithful to the "Swiss-made" stamp, recognised all across the world as a symbol of excellence and precision. Nonetheless, this set the bar extremely high. Failing to live up to these expectations could damage the brand's credibility. The task was not just to create an identity but to develop a complete brand ecosystem, in tune with the Swiss values and aesthetic to underline the brand’s commitment to delivering premium quality products.

Brand Identity

To achieve all these goals, we leaned into a minimalist yet elegant design language, drawing inspiration from Switzerland's own landscapes—crisp, clean, and unblemished—to mirror the purity of Vitastan's premium ingredients.

The use of white space, the very neutral color palette, and the elegant yet unique typography all helped to create an identity that spoke directly to the health-conscious audience. Each design element was hand picked to not just attract the eye, but also to communicate the brand's message. By building on this baseline, we were able to create a rich universe, ranging from packaging to digital experiences, and ensuring a cohesive narrative that stands out in an overflowing market.

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3D Design

While most competitors relied on standard product photography, we chose to go a different path. Our in-house 3D design team conceptualized and created photorealistic 3D renderings to present Vitastan's products in an unique way. This allowed us to control every aspect of the viewer's experience, manipulating lighting and angles to create eye-catching compositions.

The result was a virtual tactile experience that felt as real as holding the product, offering consumers an new sense of interaction and engagement. This became not just a visual spectacle but an emotional experience.

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Social Design

We designed a social media feed with engaging visuals made to stop users mid-scroll, using graphics, animations, and images that are in line with the brand's minimalist and premium identity. All of the design choices were made not only for aesthetic appeal, but also for their capacity to elevate the brand’s message.

The goal was to create a social profile that is irresistibly attractive not just from an informational standpoint but also from a visual perspective. We didn't just aim for likes or shares; we aimed for engagement that turns viewers into believers. In doing so, we made sure that Vitastan's social media isn't just a channel but an immersive experience.

Web Design

We created Vitastan's website act like a digital showroom, blending their clean, premium identity with captivating 3D visuals and detailed product descriptions. It wasn't just about looks – we wanted users to feel like they were exploring a physical store, effortlessly guiding them through the products and helping them grasp the quality of Vitastan's products.

We understood how crucial it was for users to seamlessly transition to Amazon when making their final purchase. So, we strategically placed clear and subtle call-to-action buttons (CTAs) throughout the website. This ensured that no matter where visitors were on the site, they were just a click away from reaching the Amazon storefront to complete their purchase. It was all about blending a visually captivating experience with the practical ease of making transactions.