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Adn Verd
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Adn Verd


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ADN Verd leads the way in sustainable solutions, harnessing sunlight to guide us toward a greener future. With a strong commitment to renewable energies, they're at the forefront of the solar revolution.

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Project Overview

With a carefully designed logo and vibrant color palette, our goal was to capture the spirit of sustainability and innovation, reflecting ADN Verd's dedication to leading the solar revolution for a cleaner, more efficient future.

Renewable Energy
Clean, Minimalist, Innovative
Key Words
Sustainability - Energy - Transformation
The Challenge

The main challenge for ADN Verd was standing out in the crowded and competitive sector of sustainable energy. The goal was to transmit their dedication and unique vision in the clearest way possible, reaching out to environmentally conscious consumers and businesses.

They needed a brand identity that reflected their core values and differentiated them from other players in the market, while also appealing to a broad audience ranging from eco-conscious homeowners to businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Brand Identity

For ADN Verd, a brand identity could only revolve around elegantly transmitting their dedication to renewable energy and sustainable practices. We went for a minimalist design approach to embody the clarity and transparency of their mission. The visual elements were carefully designed to reflect eco-consciousness, mixing nature-inspired motifs with abstract shapes hinting towards the concept of innovation and technological development.

ADN Verd is bold, green, and future-ready. We've mixed vibrant cold tones to symbolize their commitment to sustainability—deep blues, fresh greens, crisp whites. It's more than an identity; it's a pledge to shape a brighter tomorrow.

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3D Design
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Social Design
Web Design

The ADN Verd website stands as the digital hub of their brand, a vibrant and intuitive space where sustainability meets innovation. With an eye-catching design and seamless navigation, visitors embark on a journey through renewable energy solutions.

At Apogeo, we've levelled up the ADN Verd website with interactive features and educational content, improving user engagement and leaving visitors with a full plate of sustainable solutions. Their website's design isn't just about looking sleek; it's about telling the story of ADN Verd’s commitment to a cleaner future in a way that's as crystal clear as possible.