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Mateo Boffano
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Mateo Boffano


Art Direction

Web design

Webflow development




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Mateo Boffano’s portfolio website, Mateo Lanzalibre, is a visual journey into his world of photography and cinematography.

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Project Overview

Mateo Lanzalibre's website showcases his unique taste through a collection of different styles, ranging from landscapes and adventure to commercial photographs. Mateo's images invite viewers on a captivating visual journey, where each photo tells its own story.

Minimalist, Modern, Clean
Key Words
Creative - Intimate - Panoramic
The Challenge
Brand Identity
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3D Design
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Social Design
Web Design

Our main objective was to translate his distinctive photographic style into a digital portfolio that truly reflected his artistic vision. We focused on creating a website that serves as a seamless canvas for his captivating images, ensuring each photo shines and speaks for itself.

Integrating the content into the website in a manner that captures their unique character and preserves their impact proved to be particularly challenging. Through meticulous placement, and subtle animations, we ensured that visitors to the site would be fully immersed in Mateo's world, experiencing the same emotions he seeks to evoke.